Welcome to my site. This is my first post, and as such, I feel it is a good idea to talk about what my intention with this site actually is.

I created this website as a means of providing people with an overview of my teaching styles and to of course shamelessly self-promote myself to prospective clients and those who may be interested in my written work.

This website will host a lot of different content. Primarily, it will offer detailed explanations of various points of English, as well as exercises and tips for improving spoken and written English. As I currently live and work in Germany, the content will  be aimed at German speakers looking to improve their English language skills, particularly those who need English for work and education, but also for those who just want to learn for fun.

Other than English learning material, the website will also host some articles which I write on a range of topics from travel, art, literature, sport etc. . .

Please do take a look around.

-Peter McKeever