Well well, there were a few shock results this weekend and the ratings have indeed reacted. My own prediction model had Tottenham vs Man City down as a 1-1 draw. The fact that City were unable to score underlines how solid Tottenham are defensively – something I’ll get into later when looking at player ratings. My model also predicted Man United to win comfortably (3-0) against a lackluster Stoke City. While dominating the game they were unable to score more than one, and after a rare blunder from David de Gea, gave away a goal that cost the side 3 points. Here’s an overview of that game


37.50% of Man United shots came from outside the box yet only 2 hit the target (22%). Perhaps with such dominance of the game they should have tried to work more of their play into the opposition box.

Anyway, that’s football for you. Below you will see each team’s attack and defence rating following last weekend’s action:

The numbers beside each team name show their ratings ranking. The line shows their week by week rating, and the number on the right shows each team’s current attack rating. I’ve added an arrow to show whether a team’s rating has gone up or down on the previous week.

Attack Ratings


Arsenal drop in the ratings after just managing to steal a hard-earned draw from Burnley. Wenger’s men came away with three points with the last kick of the game, but really they should have been comfortable winners here. Burnley failing to score means that they have now just managed to score 5 goals in 7 games (0.71 goals per game), a joint-low score they share with Stoke City. This sees Burnley drop in the attack ratings to 0.06, the lowest in the league.

Liverpool continue their steady rise with another impressive attacking performance against Swansea. The side did well to come back from an early Swansea goal thanks to Leroy Fer and some uncertain Liverpool defending. Swansea’s change is minimal and are the third worst attacking team in the league with a score of just 0.19.

Manchester City cling to the title of best attack even after dropping 0.37 points in their rating. City could not find a way through the Tottenham lines, and surprised everyone by failing to score. Perhaps the game came too soon after their intense European tie against Celtic during the week? Tottenham see their rating increase after beating the league leaders 2-0. They remain ranked 4th in attack as Liverpool and Arsenal are still too far ahead to catch.

Defence Ratings


Manchester City and Tottenham trade places at the top of the defence ratings table after Spurs beat the league favourites 2-0. This rating system is generally a negative one as teams concede goals. The fact that Tottenham a have a positive rating underlines their strength at the back.

Liverpool continue their climb in the ratings despite some defensive insecurities. Klopp needs to settle on a starting back line to gain some more consistency.

Leicester and Southampton see their ratings rise after a dour 0-0 draw at the King Power stadium.

West Ham continue to prop up the table and to haemorrhage goals. A big change needs to be made and soon, perhaps Darren Randolph should get a chance between the sticks after an impressive Euros display with Ireland? One thing is certain though, after conceding 17 (worst in the league – 2.42 goals per game) a tactical rethink is needed.

Everton are a surprising addition back at the top of the defensive table. Looking at the graph below shows the decline Everton faced under Roberto Martinez. Everton were a solid defensive unit under David Moyes, and a change in philosophy had a drastic impact on Everton’s back line. While it’s only been six games, it looks like Koeman has steadied the ship somewhat and Everton are on a return to their old ways -defensively.


Overall Rating

This chart shows each team’s ratings together – attack ratings go from left to right and defence rating go from bottom to top. The further to the top right a team is, the better rating they have in attack and defence.


Manchester City still hold top spot in the overall ratings, however they have dropped a full 0.60 points from last week. Tottenham take over as top defensive side while also boasting a very impressive attack rating. Both Arsenal and Liverpool are having an excellent start to the season and find themselves rated 2nd and 3rd overall. Down in the bottom left corner, it’s not looking good for Sunderland, West Ham, or Stoke. Their attack and defence is in serious trouble and a shake up needs to happen soon. Shout out to relegation candidates Burnley, however. Although their attack rating is very poor they have been doing a nice job defensively and find themselves just ahead of the bottom pack.