As the games are coming thick and fast this post will just a quick look at each game from week 1 of the new EPL season. In future I’ll include a write up about each of the charts.

How to read charts:

At the very top of the image you have a representation of the final third of a football pitch. The colours show how often each team shot from a certain location in the final third. Numbers are also included to show the actual number of shots.

Below this is a view of the goal from pitch level. This shows the areas players shot for. It includes shots on target and goals, but not blocked shots and shots wide.

At the bottom of the image you’ll see four different charts. The first chart (bottom-left) shows the minute by minute expected goals of each team throughout the game based on the shots they had taken. The next two charts show the frequency each team would score a certain number of goals with the same chances if the game was replayed 1000 times. The pie chart shows the most common scoreline that would occur if the match was replayed 1000 times. The size of each section of the pie chart represents how many times a team scored that amount of goals over 1000 simulations.

Each image is enlargeable by clicking on it.





















All data gathered manually from watching games/highlights and using Opta affiliated websites (Squawka, Statzone).