Post II in the EPL 2015/16 Review Series looks at team ratings over last season. Teams are rated both for overall performance as well as their attacking threat and defensive capabilities. Below you can see how each team performed in front of the opposition, as well as their own goal.


The above infographic was inspired by Ben Mayhew’s fantastic site, which you can find here.

Naturally, the top attacking teams last season were Tottenham, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Leicester. But what’s more interesting here is Aston Villa and Norwich’s score. Villa were so abysmal they scored a -0.349. Theoretically the range should only go from 1 to 0, but they’ve been so bad they broke the lower bound, as have Norwich.

The teams with the worst defending were of course Aston Villa (-1.008), Norwich City (-0.719), and Newcastle (-0.651). Villa strike again, breaking the lower limit of -1.00. Some defenses to note however, are Tottenham (+0.137), Manchester City (+0.105), and Leicester (+0.056). Any team with a defensive rating higher than 0 are considered to be very solid at the back.

Other teams to note from last season include Southampton who ranked a very respectable 6th for attacking and 5th for defending, and West Ham United who ranked 7th for attacking and 8th for defending. Taking a look at the chart, they were pretty consistent throughout the season.

Chelsea are quite interesting to note also. After their implosion at the beginning of last season, they consistently improved week on week to finish in the top half of the rankings table. This is in huge contrast to Manchester City who started out very strong and slowly declined toward the end of the season.

The methodology (which has been adapted from a very handy points predictor found here and here is as follows:

For the Attack Rating:

SUM((Goal Diff*0.47)+(Shots Missed*0.01)+(SOT*0.054)/Toal Games Played

Do the same for the Defence Rating except -Sum (as we’re dealing with goals conceded) and use shots/SOTs faced of course.

This gives a nice overall look at how each team performs game by game throughout the season and well they are playing both up front and at their own goal, and can be combined to get an overall impression of where teams are at in the league:



It’s not very pretty but I wanted to finish this post before class.